Testimonials from Clients

“I have been receiving bodywork from Evaa for more than 8 years. I have noticed great benefits including deep relaxation, increased flexibilty and better body-mind awareness. As an athlete, Evaa’s Thai Massage is an invaluable part of my training and recovery.”

Katie Rice

Cross fit trainer and athlete

“Evaa has magical hands!”

Elizabeth Westveer


“Evaa’s hands are perfectly designed for massage. They are so strong yet tender, soft and nurturing. During the massage she will bring out her vast array of essential oils to delight your senses, as well as soothing hot stones to warm and melt your muscles. It’s hard to describe in words how delightful and relaxing a massage is with Evaa. And if a table massage is not your thing, then try Evaa’s Thai Massage. She will assist you into many yoga positions so that you feel relaxed yet invigorated. With Evaa’s background and experience you will be in wonderful hands!”

Lori Miller


“Evaa has been my massage therapist for years. I love her steady energy and she offers several modalities of massage. She has studied with a Thai massage master and her Thai massage helps my body stay more flexible. And her table massage is the best I have ever had.”

Allen Shoemaker


“Evaa Whitley, massage therapist extraordinaire, treated me to one of the most relaxing hours of my life with an incredible massage that included aromatherapy and hot massage stones. My body feels like Buddah!! (Yes, I mean butter).”

Ashley Jo Farmer


“I feel like my energy is going in the right direction. I feel energized like I could run a marathon!”



“I came to Evaa with a badly-sprained ankle, two days after the incident, unable to walk unassisted by a cane (which I was using as a crutch). She worked her magic on it, using cold compresses throughout the process, without giving me any additional pain, either, and after 45 minutes of massage, I was able to walk again unassisted! It was a small miracle. She said that one cannot underestimate the power of a good massage to stimulate blood flow to an injured area to promote healing, and I’m now a believer.

Paula Bishop

Graphic Designer, Bishop Design

“Evaa has been a life-saver for me this past year. I developed Guillain-Barré Syndrome in January last year and my arms, hands, and legs were affected. Evaa’s massage has really helped me with pain and moving my limbs again. She is great!

Lynn Brown

Teacher, retired

“Evaa has intuitive and healing hands. Her skills have helped me with whatever issues I have brought to the table, from sciatic pain, to assisting in detox, to promoting flow and balance. She is an ally of wellness with a loving and therapeutic touch. Highly recommended!

Vivie Bernard


“Evaa is a true healer. As a sufferer of chronic shoulder pain, it is hard for me to find a massage therapist who can balance deep body work with spiritual healing and relaxation. Evaa is a perfect balance as well as being extremely welcoming and kind. Highly recommend her services!”

Zoe Shevack


“Evaa has done wonders helping me realign both my back and energy.”